Comprehensive Services to Help You Implement Your Personalized Plan

The plans we build for our clients require an effective array of services. We offer a wide range of tools to help you lay a planning foundation that will stand the test of time.

Retirement Planning

Every generation faces different challenges when planning for retirement. But the proper course of action to meet these challenges never changes: developing time-tested, sensible strategies to secure your financial future. Whether you are currently retired, retiring in the near future or have years to go, we can help you map a comprehensive and understandable retirement plan.

Legacy and Estate Planning

It is natural to have goals for after you’ve gone: to provide income for your spouse, to fund a child or grandchild’s education, to contribute to a worthy charity. Consequently, the assets that you have accumulated over your lifetime need to be protected from estate taxes and preserved to meet your goals. We can help you craft a plan to ensure that these assets will be used to fulfill your wishes in a timely and efficient manner.

Education and College Planning

Sharing your wealth with future generations by helping to provide for a child or grandchild’s education can be a worthy and gratifying experience. Our professional guidance can help you determine the most appropriate way to save for the education costs that will expand your child’s horizons and opportunities, while at the same time supporting your personal goals.

Asset Allocation

Because different types of investments rarely perform the same way at the same time, diversifying your holding through asset allocation can significantly reduce your portfolio’s volatility. To determine an appropriate mix of investments for you, we review your specific objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance. We then apply our balanced investment methodology, the Capitalist Compass, to further refine your allocation.*

Insurance Planning

For most people, thinking about insurance is boring, or perhaps even morbid. And yet we and our loved ones need protection against the uncertainties of life: an unexpected illness, the need for extended care, a sudden disability. Through our affiliate, Raymond James Insurance Group, we are able to help you with your contingency planning through a wide selection of sound carriers.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits play a key role in recruiting and retaining valuable associates vital to the success of your business. But given the changing nature of the plans market and new regulatory requirements, developing and maintaining plans that meet the needs of both employers and employees can be a challenge. We provide objective and fully independent advice to help you meet these needs.

Full Service 401(k) Advisor

Our clients all have one thing in common- none of them are in the retirement plan business. But we are. Our mission is to help you create and maintain a 401(k) plan that is cost- and time- effective for you as an employer, and that can serve as the cornerstone of your employees’ retirement program.Our professional experience and industry knowledge are complemented by our association with Raymond James, an independent national firm. Drawing on Raymond James’ extensive investment research, technology and comprehensive financial resources enhances our ability to use our expertise to potentially benefit you and your 401(k) plan.

*Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit nor protect against loss.